RStudio Connect Feature Request for Logs

I have several parameterized Rmarkdown reports that run daily via Scheduling in Connect. If one version fails, based on the logs alone I can't tell which version had a failure. There are ways to figure out which one failed.

  1. I could add a print line to the reports to print out the parameters to the logs. Not sure this is good practice.
  2. I can use the emails received from all the jobs to see which one ended with an error. This seems simple but for instance today I did not get all the emails from my jobs (likely just a config error) so I had to look at individual logs to validate what ran .

My nice to have feature request would be to append the parameter names to the job name in the job list or show the parameters that ran with the job at the top of the log output. A way to quickly see which one of the reports failed in the console would streamline the process. Just a nice to have for quicker debugging. Thanks!

Screen shot of my three versions that ran:

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Thanks so much for the feature request! We are glad to hear that you are using parameterized reports!

Is it fair for me to summarize your request as follows:

A way to audit which variants have run and categorize logs by variant (including parameter values) for easier review

I have submitted this feature request for tracking internally!


Yes @cole I think that summarizes my request. Again, just a nice to have, appreciate the consideration!


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