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Hi @cole,

One more thing on this that i have discovered working with RConnect.

Even a viewer is able view all tags and not just the tags they have permissions to. This reduces the functionality of the tags in my opinion. For example, you can no longer have project names as tags that you would want only the relevant clients to see.

Also, is there another method of organizing documents and applications other than tags?

Thanks for the feedback @gibran! This is a very interesting idea! So you're thinking of having "access" attached to tags, correct? Or a way to limit visibility to tags that you can see content within.

Unfortunately, there is no other real approach to organizing documents and applications within Connect other than tags. That said, content item GUIDs are unique, so it would be very possible to "build your own" content management layer on top of Connect. For instance, I might organize my applications as:

  • App1 - at vanity URL /client1/app1
  • App2 - at vanity URL /client1/app2
  • App3 - at vanity URL /client2/app1

Further, I might store these applications and their guids and have a "homepage" application that routes between them. For instance, maybe a home page per client at /client1/homepage. Or a more complex setup where the homepage changes what it displays based on who is looking at it.

I will definitely record this idea in our feature tracker, though! Do you have any additional thoughts on what this feature might look like? How do you envision organizing documents and applications?

Thanks for your reply @cole. I am looking into the possibility of separate vanity URLs for each client.

As far as the tags are concerned, here is what I think it would be great that:

  • When a viewer logs on, the tags available to him/her are based on the tags of the applications and documents he has access to. For example, I have four types of tags:
    • Project names: Project A, B, C
    • Application versus document
    • Document type: wiki, analysis, report, etc.
    • Internal vs External
      So if User X has access to applications and documents only from Project A, they will only see Project A option for the projects tags.
  • Some tag types should be hidden and only available to the admin/application creator. I think this would be helpful in organization as well. For example, in the above case, external users should not be able to see the internal/external tag at all.

Thanks a lot.

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Thanks for the thorough feedback @gibran! We have submitted this into our internal feature tracking system, and definitely appreciate the clear picture of what would best fit your use case!

Please keep us posted if you have other thoughts or questions that we can help with!

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