RStudio Connect Email Issue

I am working on setting up the email feature for RStudio Connect but things don't seem to be working correctly for scheduling reports.

We are using sendmail from the server and using the admin tab for settings, I receive the test email "This is a test of RStudio Connect's email sending configuration.".

However, when I go to schedule an rmarkdown report, I am not getting the email after the report runs (the box to send email after update is checked). I've also tried the "Email Report" button in the header to email the report to me and I get the following: "This system has not been configured to send email. Please contact your RStudio Connect administrator."

How can the test email work but the report email not?

Much appreciated any insights you can give!

Ahh! So sorry we never responded to this! I'm not sure how we missed it!

This sort of thing can definitely be sent to , as RStudio Connect configuration is within our professional support agreement.

Have you had any success solving this problem? I know it's been 2 months! Since you're using sendmail, it's possible that you may have some logging in the /var/log/rstudio-connect.log or elsewhere within the sendmail logging paradigm that you could share w/ Support if this is still an issue and you want to open a ticket with us!

It'd be great to get to the bottom of the difference, as our test email should replicate the functionality of a report email, and if it's not, we may have a bug to fix!

Also got this problem and found that you need to configure Server.Address configuration parameter to make it work.

It's not clear that it is a mandatory parameter in Email Setup chapter in the admin guide.