RStudio Connect Deployment Error - 500: Database is Locked

Hi there,

I have the same error as in this post:

<h1>An error has occurred</h1>

<p id="message">database is locked</p>

The RStudio Connect server has around 100 applications and documents, but not much intensive use (it's a pre-production/staging area, so mostly it's used by developers for checking successful deployments and development before pushing to production).

The error is inconsistent - it has appeared twice now, but the server has happily accepted several deployments of various apps in between. Is it likely that we just have too much content on there, and it's getting in the way?

Any advice you can give would be great!

Thanks for sharing this!! This looks like something worth sharing with our professional support team by emailing so we can track more formally!

In any case, rest assured that you do not have too much content (we have demo servers with several thousand deployed content endpoints, for instance, and they do not present this problem).

Ultimately, this looks like a lock conflict on the SQLite database, for some reason.

When you post a support ticket, can you share your /var/log/rstudio-connect.log file? Also, if you can share a bit more about your architecture, that would be helpful. I presume you are using the SQLite database?

Another idea, would it be possible to share the output of:

lsof /path/to/my/database.db
# by default /var/lib/rstudio-connect/db/connect.db (I think)


Another random idea - if you have an application that reproduces this problem consistently, we would love to be able to see a reproducible example (either here or in a support ticket)! Then we can try to reproduce in one of our environments.

Thanks for this. Can't reproduce it reliably at all, and it hasn't happened since... I'll just keep an eye on it for now and see if it pops up again.

Thanks again!

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