RStudio Connect Default Email (Send email after update)

I´m using customized emails using blastula and rstudio connect. The main idea is that when some condition apply the email will be sent and if not the email should be suppressed. For this I´m using blastula::suppress_scheduled_email() :

if(n > 1){
  render_connect_email(input = "connect-example-email.Rmd") %>%
    subject = "RStudio Connect HTML Email",
    attach_output = FALSE,
    attachments = c("dallas_home_sales.csv", "austin_home_sales.csv")
} else {

But even if the condition is not met, rstudio connect keeps sending a default email that look like this:

My question is how can I do to avoid rstudio connect to send any type of email even if the condition is not met...

Is a bug introduced in RStudio Connect Version 1.8.6, it has been confirmed to me by RStudio. Their developers are working on a fix.

The fix for the issue you encountered has been released in version found here:

Let us know if you have any further issues.

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