RStudio Connect confirmation link issue when registering


I'm having problems with RStudio Connect.

In the installation and configuration, everything seemed to be going well, I managed to publish some applications and markdown documents, and the test email sent by RStudio Connect is also working.

However, when a new user tries to register, the email he receives with the confirmation link leads nowhere.

I suspect it is due to something that I forgot or failed to specify in the RStudio Connect configuration file in the Droplet, but as I'm not sure, I preferred to send this email so as not to end up making changes that could compromise the overall functioning of RStudio Connect.

I managed to do my registration because was the first one in the RStudio Connect.

Can someone help me?

Here is the configuration file:

; RStudio Connect configuration file

; SenderEmail is an email address used by RStudio Connect to send outbound
; email. The system will not be able to send administrative email until this
; setting is configured.
; SenderEmail =
SenderEmail =
EmailProvider = smtp

; Address is a public URL for this RStudio Connect server. Must be configured
; to enable features like including links to your content in emails. If
; Connect is deployed behind an HTTP proxy, this should be the URL for Connect
; in terms of that proxy.
; Address =
 Address = http://IP

Host = "localhost"
Port = 25
StartTLS = "never"

; RStudio Connect will listen on this network address for HTTP connections.
Listen = :3939
NoWarning = true

; Specifies the type of user authentication.
Provider = password


Hello @ac_mattos! This is definitely something we are happy to help with on our Professional Support Team, so you can open a ticket at ! It's probably worth including a link to this thread so that we can keep everything tied together :smile:

In any case, what URL do users go to in their browser to reach the RStudio Connect server? Is it http://my.ip.address as your server configuration suggests? (Also, you probably want to remove some of the sensitive data, email, IP, etc. out of your config as this is a public site!).

Ultimately, the URL in the confirmation email will be generated based on that Server.Address field, which is why it should be configured to be the "front door" of your server - the URL that users go to in order to access Connect in their browser.

Does that help!? Thanks for reaching out! Please let us know if you have any more questions!! We look forward to getting this working for you!

Ohh, you are right @cole , damn! i will edit my post hahaha Thank you very much, by the way!

I did open the tocket in the Rstudio support, but i was so desperate that i also post the issue here.

I think i got it what is my mystake. In Server.Adrres, the correct path should be like http://MY_IP/rsconnect, right?

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If you are hosting your application behind a proxy at a non-standard path, then yes, that should be right! You should be able to copy and paste the Server.Address into your browser (in an incognito window) and see the RStudio Connect landing page.

Now to be clear, RStudio Connect also has a "redirect" for the "dashboard" UI at /connect/. That path can be excluded.

For example, we have a demo server that is hosted at , and this is the address we use in Server.Address.

If you visit that URL in your browser, it will redirect you to . Does that make sense?

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Indeed @cole , it does makes a lot of sense!

Now the confirmation link is properly pointing to where it should.

Thanks again for the extremely quick answer!

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Glad to hear!! Definitely let us know if you run into any more issues :smile: Glad you were able to get the issue resolved!

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