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I have noticed lately that we are getting several rstudio-connect questions and they are spread over categories such as Rmarkdown, Shiny and R Admins, it wouldn't be better to have a RStudio-Connect category for those? Usually, this topics are very different from the open source counterparts and they usually need special attention from RStudio people.

I think this is a great idea. I am going to set-up a sub-category under R-Admins for rstudio-connect focused question.

The RStudio solutions-engineering team gets alerts on threads added to R-Admins, so this step will hopefully increase the chances these types of issues get help from these folks.

This change is not entirely risk-free.

  • With this change, we might have R-Markdown or Shiny focused questions that get placed into R-Admin/RStudio-Connect because the question is loosely connected to connect, where their solution might be something entirely free and open-source.
  • Knowing RStudio solutions-engineers are watching this sub-category closely, we might be overly incentivizing people to post to this section, and crowding out the open-source categories.
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