RStudio Conference Live Streams Questions

Where do I find conference live streams?

Go to There are up to four tracks happening at any one time, with a live stream for each track. During keynotes/panels, all live streams will show the one keynote or panel.

Where do I find talks, and how do I figure out which live stream to select?

In the conference schedule ( >> schedule), each talk has a room next to it. The four live streams will have a corresponding room listed.

For example if your talk says it's happening in the "Imperial Ballroom", then pull up the live stream in the Imperial Ballroom.

How do I ask questions of speakers on the live stream?

Use >> #hexagon to find RStudio Conference. There are five rooms. Pull up the room for your live-stream, and pose questions there.

How do I ask more general questions about the conference?

If you have more general questions about the conference -- for example "What was the name of that new package Hadley mentioned?", or "What was that github repo JJ was talking about?", or even "OMG where do I get that Tidyverse Hex Dress?" -- post your question to #rstudio-conf

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Hi, I have trouble seeing the stream on full screen, the icon at the top right is not working. Is chrome a supported browser?

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble! Chrome is a supported browser. Do you see something like this? If so, does it work if you click on the circled button?


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I got the arrows in grey, unclickable, in chrome. When I switched to firefox the arrows worked :slight_smile:

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Will recordings of the streams be posted?

Yes! From what I understand, the talk videos will hopefully be up in a couple weeks (rather than posting the raw livestream, the recorded video will be edited into individual talk videos for easier access and sharing, hence the delay).

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