Rstudio::conf2018 Training Days: can only attend one :(

Hey there!
So, first off: super excited about this upcoming conference.

Being relatively new to R (2 years), I also signed up for a training class... But now I'm not sure I made the right choice!
Without naming any classes, I picked a topic in which I'm already somewhat knowledgeable, but hoping to gain more perspective. There are 2 more that highly interest me. In one, I'd love to get more details and more depth, and another is just an area of general interest and curiousity.

Given the fact the classes are all at the same time, you can only attend one... Bummer!


  1. Any way to switch classes at this point? (Of course, adjusting for price if needed)
  2. Is there any way for folks in one class to gain insight about other classes via notes, presentations, perhaps a recorded video? I understand that training is one of the revenue generation sources, and the presenters may hold some things exclusive to the people signed up... But for people who already paid for another training, can there be some insight into another class?

You know, it is a big problem that you have so many great training sessions! :smile:

Thank you!

Hello @taras. Thank you for your interest in all things R and RStudio! To answer your questions, yes, you may only attend one class, as they do run simultaneously. As for the sharing of collateral, etc., from other courses, it really depends upon the instructor. If you have specific questions regarding your choice in workshop, please feel free to email me directly at If you find that you would prefer a workshop other than the one you registered for, we can certainly make the necessary changes as long as a seat is available.

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That's what I thought. Thanks!
Any systematic way to find out, without me individually harassing the instructors? :smile:

Thank you! Let me noodle over this question once more, and I'll reach out if I feel like switching.

Hi there.

I am happy to poll the instructors and get back to you.

Stay tuned!



this is amazing :+1:

As a backup plan, you could hunt down the instructors of the courses you are interested in to buy them a drink. Keep buying them drinks until they agree to send you the course notes. :drooling_face:


That is an excellent plan! Man, this conference is getting better every day!

Can I get reimbursed for the class I paid for? I'd like to spend that money buying instructors drinks! :drooling_face::tumbler_glass::wine_glass::beer::beers:

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@taras I wanted to send this link I'm thinking we'll request all presenters to store their materials here under a 2018 folder.


That's great! But I fear it will only apply to presenters during the conference, not the training during the training days :frowning:

I'd like to parrot taraas' comments here. There are several different training sessions I'd like to attend as well. I attended the first Rstudio conference and had the same problem. I think that all those sessions had materials posted for a brief time but they didn't stay up very long. I'm hopeful that you'll do the same for this one too.

Is there any possibility of future conferences having both pre and post conference training? I've experienced that in some other conferences I've attended and it would at least help to provide multiple opportunities to attend. Thanks!

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This is a great idea. Although I'm not sure I'd be able to afford both pre and post conf training, but this theoretically this would work so much better for anyone trying to squeeze more training into the learning experience at the conference.