Rstudio:conf2018 custom hex sticker + logo?

I've been too excited about attending an rstudio::conf in San Diego. So excited, that I told my wife (who happens to be an illustrator):

- Hey, let's create a custom hex sticker for this conference!
- Did anyone ask for it?
- No, but...
- Then why do you need it then?
- I don't know, let's just make one! Even if no one needs it in the end.

So, here is a raw draft.
What do you think?


Personally, I like all of them, though I do prefer the dark blue ones over the ones with a white band. I also like the one with the wave more than without the wave, it seems to fill the blank space in the bottom right.

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Tell your wife these drafts are great - and who doesn't love stickers!

I prefer the bottom left, definitely. I like the wave and agree it makes better use of the space, and I think the white band makes it look more polished. Text is a bit crowded. What if you took the bottom left design and moved "rstudio::conf" the top blue triangle, and moved 2018 to the bottom blue triangle? Then removed the RStudio logo and kept San Diego. Just some thoughts!


I like that idea! The main reason that I didn't like the white band was the emptiness of the blue at the top and bottom, and I thought that it looked too crowded into the white band.

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I mean, all things can be changed. None of us are graphic designers. My wife is an illustrator, meaning she can draw like no one else, but creating logos and typography isn't something she does on a daily basis. Any feedback is appreciated.

And if someone from RStudio staff wants to use it and improve and make official - sure, why not! Let's talk about it.

I'd agree. Some slight rejigging of bottom-left. That tsunami looks a bit worrying though

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Was intended to be an ocean wave :joy:
Also, we specifically turned it away from the city :joy:

I like the idea of Doing Sea in San Diego

I really love these! We have been working on one but we haven't launched it yet.

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I wasn’t sure if you guys were so we just went ahead and made one. But no worries if you already have one. Awesome!

The bottom right one is great. Needs a thicker outer border though, as seen here.

There's also a hexSticker R package for those of us who don't know an Illustrator person.

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As far as I know, there is a hex sticker / logo in the works by RStudio. These ideas won't be used.
The RStudio prototypes are pretty cool!

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