RStudio Cmd-Click shortcut doesn't open pathnames to DropBox files?

Hello, I frequently use Cmd-Click to open pathnames inside string quotes, say clicking within the string in calls to source('~/Dropbox/code/script.R') to open/investigate a script file.

This convenient shortcut doesn't work when the pathname directs toward a Dropbox file that's not stored on my local machine. Is there any way around this, or is this just how the backend of the shortcut is built? I'm on macOS 10.13, and I can definitely navigate to the Dropbox on Finder / the terminal but I'm not sure why RStudio isn't opening the file in this specific case.

I'm assuming you're using Dropbox's relatively new Smart Sync feature? I've noticed that not all software is able to understand the placeholders that Dropbox uses to represent the Smart Sync "Online Only" (downloaded on demand) files. I'm not sure how hard it would be for RStudio to support this Dropbox feature, or whether they're even interested in doing so?

Personally, I've been making sure that I switch the Smart Sync option to Local for any files/folders I want to work with in RStudio (or R in general!).