RStudio Cloud stuck at "Opening Project"

Dear all,

I am writing my master thesis which has to be handed in at end of the month and all my files are in the R Cloud.

Some minutes ago I encountered the sudden pop-up window "No file or directory".
After that I copied my script to a new R script saved it and closed the browser.

Now when I try to access my project again it stuck at the "Opening Project" window for more than 20 minutes.


I opened a second browser tab and clicked on the project again, after few seconds it opened without any issues!

Even after logging out, it is possible to access it without any issues.

Can anyone help me??

Hello @Christoph_Salomon,

I looked at your project from our side, and it looks to be running properly. Is it opening properly for you now?


Hi Josh,

at the moment the project is running without any issues!

In this forum I saw several users facing the same problem not being able to access the R project. HAve you ever considered to implement a kind of dashboar where you can at least access the files in the working directory?


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