RStudio Cloud public project vs workspace

I'm doing a series of public workshops this fall and planning to use RStudio Cloud to teach them. In the past, when training organizations, I've always used workspaces and had everyone join so we can all collaborate over the several months we work together. However, the workshops I'm doing are one-off things so I'm thinking that a public project that workshop participants make a copy of is the simplest way to do this (otherwise, I'd have to make a workspace for each workshop). Are there any downsides to taking this approach? The only thing I can think of is that I can't easily view participants' projects unless they make them public and share the link with me, but other than that, it seems like it should work fine for my purposes. I'd love to get others' thoughts, though. Thanks!

Hey @dgkeyes,

As you say, public projects in Your Workspace are accessible by anyone with a link (and an RStudio Cloud account). So, as long as you're not concerned about restricting access in any way (and you don't care about being able to access participants' projects), that sounds like it'd work for what you're describing. Another option might be to reuse a single space for multiple workshops, and manage the projects and space membership after each.

Hope that helps!


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Thanks, it does help!

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