RStudio Cloud Project is Hanging for Student

I am using RStudio Cloud in a course I am running, and one of my students is running into an error when she tries to open a Project that I have created in a Space for this course

The project url is:

and the error message is:

Task bd7d8ecf-83cb-45d2-981a-94e2f34c9da3 failed: Timeout waiting for application=1153307 deployment=3683847 replicas to become ready: [{'node': 'ip-172-16-54-228.ec2.internal', 'name': 'application-1153307-deployment-3683847-b7xqb'}, {'target': 'lucid-production-k8s04'}]

It looks like instance of RStudio associated with the project is stuck. Is there a way that I (or you) can force the project to reboot?

Have you tried the relaunch button?

That option isn't available for this project. It looks like it hasn't deployed yet, (it's showing the "Deploying Project" animation).

And when I try to delete the student's project, I get the error:

HTTP 409: Conflicting task is in progress

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