lost all theme, code formatting, and highlighting

This morning I logged on to to do a little writing and I found that all themes and code formatting were gone. I couldn't even see shaded text when I highlighted something. I figured it was a browser glitch so I rebooted my chromebook. But I still get no code formatting in most of my projects. One project had some formatting but it was "off"

Even the preview pane in the theme selection dialog isn't showing formatting:

@josh if there's any other info I can provide, let me know. When I get to work I'll test this on my Mac too.

I pushed the latest preview release of 1.2 yesterday which apparently has this bug that I wasn't aware of ahead of time. I'll roll back to the previous version in a little bit.



Same problems here. It was fine Monday 7/30/2018 morning (Europe) on my Windows laptop, but when I worked later in the evening (Europe; US afternoon) the same day on my Mac laptop, the same problems started.

I tried it today again on my Windows laptop and it is the same.

All left area - console and markup file - have a gray background. I can select something in the console and it is highlighted. I can select something in the markup file above, but nothing is highlighted. However, something is invisibly marked. I can drag & drop text with my markup file. I just don't see what I drag.

This in annoying!!

Cool. Thanks a lot. I'm looking forward to it.

Cheers, Thomas

I just checked and it looks like it's all back to normal. Thanks @josh !!

I'm loving, by the way. Great service and so useful.


Thanks for the praise @jdlong, you're welcome!

Sorry I didn't have the chance to post the update, been a crazy morning. :slight_smile:

No worries, man! Every day that I use for free feels like a day that I'm getting away with something! And to have fast tech support as well!?!? I owe you guys many beers.



I am sure the entire team will be happy to hear that! :beers:

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