RStudio.Cloud in a Research Setting?

Can you suggest any sources I can read/see that can help me to use with my research group instead of my class? e.g. start large experiments, reproducibility...

Originally from Teaching R online with RStudio Cloud - Webinar Follow-Up - #2 by Leon

We have been made aware of independent researchers and research groups using for their work, but keep in mind that RStudio.Cloud is currently (through at least Fall 2020) only being optimized for use in an educational setting. We do have plans to better support additional uses of, so keep an eye on this space.

I'm not aware of something official written about this but a few ideas come to mind:

  • I would create a workspace for the group, if anything, to keep things organised and in one place.
  • I imagine you would want members of your research group to make their work visible to others, so you can relax the permissions for members to change visibility of their projects.
  • The assignment feature might not be relevant, you can make projects visible to others without making them into assignments.
  • RStudio Cloud projects are great for collaboration, but note that two people cannot work on the project at the same time. So people will either need to take turns editing a project, or if your research group uses version control, they can of course use a service like GitHub for the collaboration aspect.

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