for classroom instruction

How stable is the platform over the next 3 months? If I have my students sign up for accounts, and have them work on the platform for their problem sets, can I rely on this service remaining accessible over this period?

Otherwise--are you selling professional accounts for this service yet?

Hello Thomas,
You can definitely count on the platform being around and accessible for more than the coming 3 months. It is an alpha product, and so we can't tell you that there won't be hiccups. That being said, we have already had over 500 students use it in the Fall semester, and we have several universities that are using it for their students for the spring semester.

We will be working with our alpha users to figure out what can be improved and to help us prioritize our backlog. We will use the alpha and beta period to help us figure out what the needs of professional accounts would look like.

Thanks for your interest, we look forward to hearing your suggestions.