RStudio Cloud Cannot Open my Project

The initial problem was Plot Rendering Error. Basically:

"Error in file(file, "wb") : cannot open the connection
Graphics error: Plot rendering error"

Afterwards, I ctrl+shift+F10 to relaunch the project. And it has never opened since.

Can someone please help?

Opened. But I completely lost all my R code history. Anyway to recover it? I don't want to type my code again.

Hi @wongstanley,

There is a tool out there to help recover from when the IDE has issues: Could you give that a shot and let me know?


-Joshua C. Forest

I did find my code. Thanks! But now I can't open it, again! I don't know why and what's going on, but this time not even relaunching works.

Ugh, sorry @wongstanley

There was different issue the second time that we've resolved on our side.

Please try again, and sorry for the inconvenience!

-Joshua C. Forest

Thanks! It works now

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