as an external app for Canvas Course?

Has there been any consideration for a full LTI?

Here is a link to the Canvas LTI documentation but similar in any LMS -

This would really be a fantastic resource for teaching even with basic LTI functionality.

Thanks for the question! We have been looking into an LTI integration. It's not something that's on our immediate roadmap, but it's something that we're looking into.

It might be helpful to understand from your point of view how such an integration might work.

Do you imagine configuring an external resource that points to a specific RStudio Cloud project? Or do you see the external resource pointing to a specific Space for a course, which would have some number of projects / assignments within it.

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Hi Andy,

That’s great to hear!

I think it would depend on the teaching style of the instructor or structure of the class. If linked from a syllabus in Canvas, it should likely point to a course space. If linked from individual course modules it would be easier to link directly to a specific project.

We have a group of Canvas and LTI experts along some faculty who may be able to provide some feedback or test.

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