RStudio Cloud and Pandoc error

Hello everyone,

I have a lab.Rmd (Assignment) for all my students. Each of them will have an instance of the assignment, so what they do is recorded. Everything was running on the 4th of March. However, it stopped failing now. When we try to knit the Rmarkdown file, we get this error message:
Error: pandoc version 1.12.3 or higher is required and was not found (see the help page ?rmarkdown::pandoc_available).

The output of pandoc_available() is FALSE. I understand pandoc has to be installed in the linux server where the assignment is running. Please help me with this.

Also, I am going to use RStudio Cloud in the final exam, but it doesn't seem very reliable. Any comments.

Thank you.

Also, I have a student who now cannot knitr there assignment. When I investigate the base project of the workspace and run apt list —installed, pandoc is not listed.

I too planned to use it for a final exam

I had the same problem, but you can fix it by restarting your R session: Session > Restart R

I think RStudio changed some aspects regarding R Markdown. I'm having a few other strange issues with knitting that used to not be there.

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Hi, we are aware this is an issue and looking into a fix. It was caused by an upgrade to the latest RStudio IDE version. The work around at the moment is to relaunch the app.

We have fixed the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience!

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