RStudio 'check for updates' not working on Mac OS

Running on both Mac OS Venutra and Sonoma the 'Help/Check for updates' menu item in Rstudio (2023-06-05) has not had any effect. No error message, no freezing of software - just no response.

I had assumed the software hadn't been updated, but a manual check shows there is a current update from September; no idea how many updates have been missed.

I did not have any update push notifications during this period.

Ironically I did have update notifications on my work Windows machine - but am not allowed to update :neutral_face:

Version 2023.03.0+386 (2023.03.0+386) has the menu bar option working for me on Sonoma as it did on Ventura, but I actually prefer to use update.packages(ask = FALSE) from the console, since I rarely want to install from source.

Thanks - but this relates to package updates (I just use the Packages pane for that). The menu item for that is 'Tools/Check for package updates'.

I'm referring to updates to the IDE, which is under 'Help/check for updates'.

Oh (slaps receding hairline). I get a "you're using the latest version" even though I'm not because I've been telling it to ignore the version. I've become wary of making any changes to the IDE unless something really annoying is being fixed or some must-have new functionality is being introduced.

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