RStudio can't find pdflatex any more - path issues on Windows 10?

After working fine for several years, RStudio can no longer find pdflatex.exe to process rMarkdown documents into pdf files. There is no problem creating html and Word documents from the same rMarkdown code. The .tex file is produced but isn't able to find the chunk files for graphics so using TexWorks or the like to create the pdf isn't viable. All is fine with RStudio in the cloud except for the memory limitation won't allow me compile larger documents. I I'm using R 3.6.3 and RStudio Version 1.2.5042, but this has been going on for awhile and it doesn't matter what the source RmD file is - equal opportunity failure. The error message looks like this:

output file:

Error: Failed to compile CEE-3670-Assign-7x.tex. See for debugging tips.
In addition: Warning messages:
1: In system2(..., stdout = if (use_file_stdout()) f1 else FALSE, stderr = f2) :
'CreateProcess' failed to run 'C:\Users\David Stevens\AppData\Roaming\TinyTeX\bin\win32\pdflatex.exe -halt-on-error -interaction=batchmode "CEE-3670-Assign-7x.tex"'
2: In system2("tlmgr", args, ...) :
'CreateProcess' failed to run 'C:\Users\David Stevens\AppData\Roaming\TinyTeX\bin\win32\tlmgr.bat update --all --self'
Execution halted

I've tried a bunch of reinstalls on TinyTex, MikTex etc. with no solution. I'm getting a little desperate. Does anyone know how to fix this?

David Stevens

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