RStudio Cannot Write or Open Files

Rstudio Version 2023.09.1+494 (2023.09.1+494)
R version 4.3.2

Just upgrade to each and now RStudio apparently cannot interact with the file system. It keeps re-loading an old version of a script and I cannot determine where it is getting this from.

Base R seems to work so it seems to be localized to Rstudio. Any suggestions as to how to debug?

The problem was this @##@@$$ file:

mv ~/.local/share/rstudio ~/.local/share/rstudio-backup

Why do you hide things like this? I wasted an entire day trying to find where RStudio was getting its state information when it restarted. Why, why, why?

After a major upgrade, you very often need to reset your RStudio's state to accommodate new config settings and features and this is well-documented on the support articles.,directory%20will%20reset%20RStudio's%20state.

Alas, what else lies hidden but well documented? Only time will tell.

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