RStudio cannot (and won't allow me to try) locate R installation

Windows 10 Enterprise - 10.0.18363 Build 18363

Installed R v4.2.2 (without admin privileges) to C:\Users\username\Documents\RStudio

Downloaded latest .zip version of RStudio (version file says 19.1.3) because I do NOT have admin rights, so the installer won't run. The zip was extracted to C:\Users\username\Documents\RStudio

Open rstudio.exe, met with this dialogue: "R does not appear to be installed. Please install R before using RStudio. You can download R.. etc etc". Clicking yes takes me to the website, clicking no does nothing. It won't allow me to show it where the R installation is.

I found a website that says to hold Ctrl when I run it. This doesn't do anything. Any thoughts? I'm essentially trying to run RStudio without admin.

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