Rstudio can not generate PDF contain \texttt{} or \text{}

I'm doing a homework on Rnotebook which contains \texttt{X}. When I Knitt to PDF, there is an error

! Package pdftex.def Error: File `xxsxs_files/figure-latex/unnamed-chunk-1-1.pd
f' not found: using draft setting.

Error: LaTeX failed to compile xxsxs.tex. See for debugging tips. See xxsxs.log for more info.
Execution halted

If I remove \texttt{X}, the exportation will go well. Could you please elaborate on how to solve this issue?

PS: I've just checked and found that Rstudio does not export to PDF the Rmarkdown containing \text{}.

It's probably because \texttt{} looks a lot like a LaTeX command, and when using Rmarkdown with PDF output, your Rmarkdown is actually converted to LaTeX code and executed by pdflatex/tinytex.

So you have two possibilities: you can put that command between backticks ` so that it is interpreted as verbatim, not executed, and formatted as code: \texttt{}

If you don't want it to be formatted as code, you can simply escape the backslash \ with a second one: \\texttt{} and that should be enough to prevent it from being recognized as a LaTeX command.

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