Rstudio Behaving Weirdly - Freezing and Crashing

Hi! I'm running into several new issues with RStudio. It was working fine for me yesterday, but when I opened it today and made a new project (with a small csv, no large datasets or anything crazy), I'm now experiencing issues.

When I open RStudio, the screen remains blue without anything filling in the terminal/file path/environment tabs that are usually populated. When I try to open a new file, it opens and RMarkdown succcessfully, but I'm not able to run code and the files and environment tabs stay blank and not functioning.

I tried restarting my computer and uninstalling and reinstalling Rstudio, but that didn't resove anything. Would really appreciate quick help, as I have lots I want to do!

For reference, this ^ is what it looks like when I open Rstudio. It doesn't change from this state unless I open an existing project, and then it still freezes and doesn't work as I described.

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