Rstudio beginner learner - Need help with question

Google the function read_csv and find a way to import the Barro-Lee dataset into your R session. Similarly, install and load the package readstata13 and look up the function read.dta13 to load the Penn World Table dataset. In the Barro-Lee dataset, filter out so that you only consider people between 20 and 24 years old, using the variables ageto and agefrom.

Can someone help with R codes please.

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Hi, welcome!

Please have a look to our homework policy, homework inspired questions are welcome but they should not include verbatim instructions from your course.

The advice there is pretty good. If you google r read_csv you will get the documentation for the read_csv function. Note the examples at the bottom help you load that data.

If you're using RStudio, it has a handy GUI widget to help you load data into R.

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