Rstudio becomes very slow when loading long scripts with multiple folding sections

Hi, we recently updated our Rstudio into 2021.09.0 Build351. However, when I open my previous scripts (over 10,000 line, over 50 foldable sections), it become very slow (needs several seconds to react for every move), and even slow down the browser. However, it works perfect when I load scripts with several hundreds lines. However, our previous version Rstudio worked fine for those big scripts.
Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Thanks.

Anyone could help me about this? Thanks. Really don't want to separate my scripts everywhere.

Need help here, thanks!

I would suggest you raise an issue on the official github, and in the meantime revert to an earlier version that has the performance you require

Thanks, I made a new Issue in github, hope they could reply me.

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