RStudio becomes non-responsive when commit and push fail.

I've been trying to build a website with the blogdown package. Part of this endeavor requires me to commit and push changes to a GitHub repository. I have encountered a recurring problem with the connection between RStudio and GitHub and so far I have neither solved the issue nor have I found a workaround.

I have noticed that if I open a new RStudio session and try to commit and push my changes, I am usually successful. However, if I keep changing things, I can't commit and/or push a second time. RStudio becomes non-responsive. No matter what I do, nothing seems to work. The Console won't work and neither will the Terminal. The commit window opens but stays clear. If it happens to show the expected layout, it won't commit, subsequently, it won't push either.

I have also noted that not even restarting my session will work sometimes. A couple of times, commit failed even though I had a newly opened session. This required me to open Window's Task Manager to force-close RStudio so I could start a new session to try again.

I did asked around Twitter and got input from @jonthegeek. Here's his answer.

At first I thought it had something to do with me having my local directory at my GDrive, however, the problem continued after I paused GDrive's uploading.

I know reproducible examples are always welcome and I did think about ways to write a reprex but I wouldn't know how to reproduce this behavior any other way, and I don't think I'd be able to whip up a piece of code that would somehow "access people's GitHub accounts" to work out the example.

My RStudio has the latest release version and my packages are all updated. On top of that my OS is Windows 10.

All input and feedback will be appreciated. Thank you.

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Perhaps interestingly, my R folders are backed up via Dropbox, and I also pause while working in rstudio. One of these days I'll likely remove that sync and just trust github, but Dropbox predated github for me and I haven't broken that habit yet.


Thank you for sharing this info, @jonthegeek. =)

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