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R/PharmaOpens a new window is here! Running until November 4th, this free conference focuses on the use of R and other open-source software in the development of pharmaceuticals. We are excited to announce various workshops and sessions led by our RStudio colleagues. Register for the eventOpens a new window to learn how RStudio is supporting open source in pharma.

October 28th

  • Workshop: Clinical Tables in gt, hosted by Rich Iannone (registration closed)

November 1st

November 2nd

  • Keynote: The gt Package: Past, Present, and Future, hosted by Rich Iannone

Rich introduces gt, a package that creates customizable tables in R, and describes its history and evolution over time.

November 3rd

  • Talk: Survival analysis with tidymodels: The censored package, hosted by Max Kuhn and Hannah Frick

Max and Hannah describe tidymodels design goals, show some syntax for modeling, and describe subsequent additions.

November 4th

  • Panel: Scaling R and Shiny, Winston Chang (RStudio) is joining David Edwards (Amgen), David Granjon (Novartis), Eric Nantz (Eli Lily), and Hanni Willenbrock Thomsen (Novo Nordisk)

Join Winston and other thought leaders for a panel on shaping the future of reporting in clinical studies.

Find out more about R/Pharma on their websiteOpens a new window, where you can see the conference agendaOpens a new window and links to all workshopsOpens a new window. Interested in seeing what R/Pharma 2020 was like? Session videos are available on YouTubeOpens a new window.

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