Rstudio appends \ character before multi-line inline code in visual editor mode


We use Rstudio 1.4 for our projects and found that it is appending the \ character before the multi-line inline codes when we switch from Source editor to Visual editor mode.
We have a condition that requires us to use this kind of multi-line inline statements in our R markdowns to represent this as a header and thus we couldn't bypass this.


Due to this appended character, we are facing issue s while knitting the document

Please let us know if any more details are needed.

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This is because the syntax used is inline R code and it is expected to be used inline. I am surprise this works in fact. The visual editor does not see recognize this as inline R code and so consider that the backtick is a raw one and it should be escape, hence the backslash.

If you want to conditionally include Markdown content spread on several line, I would greatly advice to use the asis chunk

title: "Demo"
output: html_document

```{r, include = FALSE}
print_header = FALSE

```{asis, echo = print_header}

# Hello World



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