RStudio and Shiny App freezes when I set paging = F in renderDT

... I am building a Shiny app from a dataset with large observations. When I set "paging = F" in the renderDT argument, both my RStudio and Shiny crashes/freezes. Once I remove "paging = F", it stops freezing. What do I do? Below is my snippet.

output$species_table <- renderDT({
datatable(species_data, rownames = F,
options = list(paging = F
scrollY = "60vh",
scrollX = "100%"))

My guess is species_data has an extremely large number of rows, so when "paging=F" is specified, the browser tries to render all the rows and crashes. I 've encountered this problem in apps I've created and handled it by adding one or more filters that will limit the number of rows to be returned. In essence, I set the filter defaults to the "most common" view for users, and then they can change the filters as they desire.

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Thank you so much. This solves it for me.

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