RStudio☁ and RStudio Connect Versions not Synchronize

Above rsconnect shows Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and R4.1.1.

RStudio☁ and my local PC Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and R4.1.3.

Somebody upgrade the rsconenct?

Howdy @englianhu !!

Thanks for reporting! We definitely take a look at upgrading on occasion, however, it is a service maintained for the good of the community and is "best effort." As a result, upgrading the operating system (which is not end-of-life until 2023) and patch versions of R (4.1.1 vs. 4.1.3) are not a huge priority for us at present :smile: (Although that will likely change over the next year!)

In any case, one of the nice elements of Connect is that you should be able to continue using the service without those elements matching perfectly because we rebuild your environment on Connect to match the R version / linux version there!

I hope that helps! Please let us know if you have any other issues!