RStudio and Microsoft OneDrive

I am currently running RStudio Desktop Open Source Edition on a Windows 10 employer owned computer and cannot be given administrative privileges. My employer provides OneDrive as a sync solution to protect data. I am not required to use it for everything but would like to keep files there for loss protection. My employer uses group policy to dictate how OneDrive is setup and in this environment I am not able to uncheck a OneDrive subfolder to stop it from being synced.

When I open project folders under the OneDrive synced folder structure, I constantly get sync errors as I work in the program and changes are updated. The number of files created and deleted in the hidden .rproj.user folder causes OneDrive to think it needs to warn me about sync issues. The problem is eliminated if I move R project files to a folder not synced with OneDrive. While it is possible to turn off these notifications, I want to keep them because they are useful and only present a problem while working in RStudio.

Is there a way to allow RStudio to work in a folder synced to OneDrive or is there a way to assign a location for the .rproj folder that is not in the main project folder?

Thank you

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