RStudio and JIRA - Can they play nice together?

In our product/engineering teams, we use JIRA as our ticketing system for work.

A part of our dev-team is using Git as their code repo, and we have a connector set up between Git and JIRA.

Team gets to see their branches, commit messages and pull requests right in the context of the Jira issues they're working on.

Is there an equivalent JIRA-connection capability with RStudio, which the other part of our dev-team is using as their IDE and code repo.

Mr. Google hasn't helped me. And I haven't found anything here or over in RStudio's support docs/faq's.

Thoughts? Advice?

(Am I making sense :P)


Hmm, RStudio isn't a file management or version control system. You could simply check your R-related files (including .R, RData, .Rproj, or whatever else you like) into Git and then expose them to JIRA through Git. You can manage your Git setup through RStudio if you like.

JIRA isn't integrated into RStudio, so you wouldn't be able to get information back from JIRA unless you do it through Git.

Gotcha. Thanks. Makes sense. RStudio < > Git < > JIRA

Let me know if you want more details on how they can play together! I use all three regularly.

I've got the Git < > JIRA connection down pat, as we use that for our front end / api / back end application development teams.

I'm just not familiar with RStudio, yet.

So I'll take all the tutorial I can get..

RStudio is why you're here :smile:. At its simplest, it's a front end for R (What is R?). In addition to a console for the R language/environment, it has a text editor, a file explorer (similar to your operating system file manager), and other bells and whistles. One of those added features is the ability to see what you have in Git and manage files (by committing/pushing/pulling/"diff"ing). So if you have Git in sync where you're using RStudio (e.g., your laptop), you will see the same things JIRA would see, in terms of file history, branching, commit messages, etc. You can add your R work (.R/.Rmd working code files, .Rdata data objects (including your session state), .Rhistory, plot files, etc.) to Git.

I've only recently started using Git with RStudio (as opposed to through the command line), but you can see how to do that here: Version Control with Git and SVN. There are a ton of links in that help article with how and why you'd want to do that. If you are already a user of Git, it's extremely simple to view and manage your repository through RStudio.