RStudio and Intel M3 Processors

I’m thinking about a machine purchase and am wondering if the community has experience/feedback about machines with intel m3 processors.

Laptops like the base MacBook and 2-in-1’s like the Surface Pro 4 offer m3 processors at their lowest priced configuration. These models seem to be the best deal if the processor meets the needs I have - mostly working in RStudio, and not working with “big data” too often. I understand low ram could be an issue with data being held in memory, but wasn’t sure about the processor speed.

Any feedback from people that have m3 processors and do RStudio work regarding the performance or issues they have with the machines?

For 99.9% of cases, the specific processor will have basically no impact. I don't think it's something you should worry about at all.

Awesome, appreciate the feedback!