RStudio always freezes when I use the menu on the top

Just like the title, when I want to use the top menu, such as File, Edit, the program feezes and I only can end it by using task manager. However, if I do not use the menu, I can write code and run it, which is totally fine. I read many solutions, but none of them works for me. I don't know, maybe it's because of some system sitting on my computer. How can I solve the problem, I really need RStudio to help me for my class.

Hi @Melon! Welcome!

For problems like this, it's helpful to include some more information on your system setup.

System Information:

  • The output of running RStudio.Version()[-1] in the console
  • The output of running sessionInfo()

Please copy and paste the console output here, then select it and click the little </> button at the top of the posting box to make sure it doesn't get garbled by the forum software.

You might also try checking out the RStudio Desktop Troubleshooting Guide.

You said that you've read about other solutions that didn't work for you — can you briefly list which things you've already tried? That may help others narrow down what's wrong a bit more (and will at least keep people from suggesting the same things over again :sweat_smile:).

Since you are using RStudio for a class, have you asked for help from your instructors/teaching assistants, or do you have access to a University computer help desk? It can be hard to troubleshoot this kind of problem from a distance, so you might have more luck with a local source of help.

Finally, if you're worried about falling behind in your class, you could try using RStudio Cloud as a temporary workaround (please remember, Cloud is still in alpha so you'll want to make sure to download all your files regularly or sync them with something like GitHub).

Hi, jcblum.

Thanks for your help.

As for the methods I have used, I tried deleting the R and RStudio and download them again, closing firewall and some other methods I can't remember what exactly I have done.

For asking for help from my prof, I want to do it but it's weekend so that I have to wait for next Tuesday. Besides, I attached the output of the two codes on this reply.

image Thanks. Preformatted text

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