RStudio adds Anaconda path even when System doesn’t?

I had some problems installing cmdstanr and tracked it down to my Rstudio path, e.g. Sys.getenv().

What’s interesting to me now is that my system does not use the conda paths anywhere, e.g. when I do echo($PATH) in a new zsh terminal shell, I don’t see the Anaconda path there. RStudio is configured to use zsh and not to link to python and yet every time I restart RStudio the first item in Sys.getenv("PATH") is /Users/joshuanoble/opt/anaconda3/bin

The same is true for my install of R. Is there a trick to removing this? My usual zsh does not have this path and I’ve checked any ~/.zshrc or profile that I can find and there’s nothing that seems to point to anaconda so I’m not sure where it could be coming from. Thanks!

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