RStudio Addins don't appear to be working

I cannot seem to get any of the addins that I want to use to work. I am trying to insert image for blogdown page and select the addin from the menu bar. I can select the image and hit done however nothing happens. The image does not appear in the directory structure where it should (static/images) and of course no image appears on the blogdown page then either. The link I get from the add in is . I don't get errors or notices.

I have restarted the R session several times.

I am using Version 1.1.463 on Windows 10.

Any chance you can provide more information? Do you see an error in the R console or similar when attempting to execute the addin?

I wish I could provide more but I am not getting any type of warning or error. I wonder if it could be theme specific too? The theme I am using is from Matt Button mattbutton/silhouette-hugo

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