RStudio 2022.120+353 .zip Version does not start on Win 10 restricted (no-admin-rights) environment


  • To use RStudio in a restricted (no admin rights) environment (Win 10) I use the .zip "installers" of RStudio. Simply link the rstudio.exe to desktop wich works perfectly fine up until version 2022.07.02.
  • With 2022.120+353 there is just a short blip after executing rstudio.exe and nothing happens. RStudio does not start.
    • It does work on my private Laptop, but only after calming down Windows defender.

Potential issues

  • As of Version 2022.120+353 Rstudio is based on electron, the last working version, 2022.07.02, was still based on Qt.
    • I suspect that the change from Qt to the electron framework causes the zipped variants not to work (reliably) on Windows 10.

System Information:

  • RStudio Edition: Desktop
  • RStudio Version: 2022.120+353
  • OS Version: Win 10
  • R Version: 4.1.3 (>= 4.2.0 has issues with package downloads in this restricted environment)

Are there any leads what I could do to make the zipped versions work? Or is it best to wait until the kinks have been ironed out with the electron versions?


Do you know if this only occurs with the zipped version? Any logs in %LOCALAPPDATA%\RStudio\log?

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