RStudio 2022.12.0 CTRL+ENTER shortcut not working

Just installed the 2022.12.0 version.

When using CTRL+ENTER shortcut to run the code it opens a separate source tab instead of running the code

The issue you're encountering is likely related to a change in the behavior of the CTRL+ENTER shortcut in the latest version of RStudio. In previous versions, using the shortcut would run the code in the current source editor, but in the latest version it opens a new source tab instead.

You can try the following to resolve the issue:

  1. Go to the RStudio menu and select "Tools" -> "Global Options"
  2. In the "Code" section, select "Editing"
  3. Under "Keybindings", change the "Run Current Line or Selection" from "Ctrl+Enter" to "Ctrl+Shift+Enter"

This should resolve the issue and allow you to use the "Ctrl+Shift+Enter" shortcut to run the code in the current source editor.

Thanks for the answer.

I changed it to Ctrl+Shift+Enter but I like Ctrl+Enter better as I am used to it from previous versions.

So I changed it back Ctrl+Enter and it now works without opening the source editor.

Seems a bit inconsistent though as Ctrl+Enter was set as the shortcut for running the code before as well.

Thanks again for your answer

I think this is not related to RStudio 2022.12.0 but to your specific OS, on Linux, Ctrl+Enter works the same as always.

Most likely by editing the Keybindings you have overwritten your OS settings

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