Rstudio 1.3.1093: unexpected token '%>%'


I'm having the same issue as in this post with magrittr pipes %>% being marked as incorrect by the Rstudio IDE when used after a text string. There was no reply to that one and it's since been closed so re-opening again :slight_smile:

Example below:


Hey! I'm the original poster from the post you linked to. And hah, that's exactly my use case and how I found this one, it's because I pipe multi-line SQL queries into other functions like odbc::dbGetQuery() a lot.

Anyway, somebody else reported the issue on Github fairly recently, and I'm not 100% sure on this, but it sounds like a fix is in place for a post-1.4 release.

The issue:
The fix:

Hey :slight_smile:

Does Rstudio notify you because I added the link in or are you psychic? :stuck_out_tongue:
That's useful to know, thank you! I shall keep a look out for when that is released


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