RStudio 1.2 for Ubuntu 18 (only) crashes when I open a toml file

I'm using RStudio 1.2.1335 on Ubuntu 18.04.2. Right after upgrading, I tried editing a CSS file and serving a site using blogdown. RStudio would frequently crash while I was editing the CSS file. When I try opening toml files, RStudio immediately crashes every time.

I upgraded to RStudio 1.2 on Windows 10 and I have no such issues. The same CSS and toml files don't cause RStudio to crash on Windows.

What might be going on?

Can you provide a reproducible example; specifically, a CSS / TOML file that crashes RStudio when opened?

I'd also be curious what the output of

lsof -p `pgrep rstudio`

is within a terminal after launching RStudio.

Sure. Even this minimal toml causes RStudio to crash within a few seconds of opening it.

title = ""
theme = "hugo-tranquilpeak-theme"
baseURL = "/"
publishDir = "/"
ignoreFiles = ["\\.R$", "\\.Rmd$", "\\.Rmarkdown$", "_files$", "_cache$", "exampleSite"]
languageCode = "en-us"
defaultContentLanguage = "en-us"
paginate = 7
canonifyurls = true

# Menu Configuration
  weight = 1
  identifier = "about"
  name = "About"
  pre = "<i class=\"sidebar-button-icon fa fa-lg fa-question\"></i>"
  url = "/#about"
  weight = 2
  identifier = "categories"
  name = "Categories"
  pre = "<i class=\"sidebar-button-icon fa fa-lg fa-bookmark\"></i>"
  url = "/categories"
  weight = 3
  identifier = "tags"
  name = "Tags"
  pre = "<i class=\"sidebar-button-icon fa fa-lg fa-tags\"></i>"
  url = "/tags"
  weight = 4
  identifier = "archives"
  name = "Archives"
  pre = "<i class=\"sidebar-button-icon fa fa-lg fa-archive\"></i>"
  url = "/archives"
  weight = 5
  identifier = "rss"
  name = "RSS"
  pre = "<i class=\"sidebar-button-icon fa fa-lg fa-rss\"></i>"
  url = "/index.xml"

As for the output of lsof -p \pgrep rstudio`` in the terminal after launching RStudio... it's really really long. You sure you want it?

Yes, I'm sure :slight_smile: (you can upload it as a gist as a simple way to share it if needed)

FWIW, I'm running 1.2. and Ubuntu 18.04 and it doesn't crash it for me. So it looks system-specific to me.

I should also add that now RStudio crashes whenever I grab the scrollbar and yank it up or down when a script or dataset is being viewed.


I have the same problem since I installed R 1.2.1335 on Ubuntu 18.04.2, but I just see a solution. In my case it was an issue with the display driver. I switch from Using X.Org X server -- Nouveau display driver to nvidia-driver-390 and all seems to work perfectly.

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I'm using Nouveau right now, I believe. I'll give the proprietary 390 driver a shot and report back. Thanks.

Alright. That did the trick, @Schreiber. Thank you for the help.

For anyone reading this in the future: I switched to Nvidia-390, uninstalled RStudio 1.2, restarted the computer, and reinstalled RStudio 1.2. I can now use the scrollbars and open/edit RMarkdown and toml files without crashing.

Indeed, this is something known about the Noveau driver already with the RStudio Desktop 1.2. pre-releases (and now with the official 1.2.1335 release). See

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