RStudio 1.2 Connections Pane Error (nanodbc)


I've been using the RStudio Connections Pane; however, after months of using it to connect to my companys postgres server I now have this random error and I have no idea what it means or how to fix it. Perhaps one of you guys could help me trace it and get the pane working again. Has anyone ever had this before or know how to fix it? Is there a way to uninstall everything and set it up from scratch? Thanks for the help!

Do you have a DSN name Production-LRQ ?


to list DSN seen by odbc.

then check the value inside the DSN.

This is not really an R issue, but an issue with the connexion to your postgre database. You should see with IT that manage your servers, and / or the database.


This is the list of sources; everything once working as currently constructed. My credentials work in another sql client, which makes me think it's not my credentials, it's R related. Are you saying the DB Administrator may have made a change and I should reach out?


Something may have changed on your server and it is not for sure R related. It could

  • odbc manager (nanodbc here I guesse ?)
  • the odbc Postgre driver
  • the DSN configuration (change of host ? or dbname ?)

It is very difficult to help you here. Error nanodbc does not seems like an R error.

On the R side you could also use 2 more options

New :package: dedicated to postgre connection

Older option still active : CRAN - Package RPostgreSQL

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