RStudio 1.2.1335 Error while opening file Accès refusé

Dear all,

I recently updated my version of RStudio to 1.2.335 and I get an error when trying to open ".R" and ".Rmd" files from RStudio through "File - Open". A window opens that says "Error while opening... Accès refusé" (i.e. "Access denied" in English).

My files are stored both on my computer and on a server with frequent synchronizations. It seems like the problem comes from this, as when I copy-paste the same file in C:, RStudio opens the file correctly. However, I haven't seen any other post mentioning such a problem so far. Has something changed in this new version that could explain this?
Surprisingly, I can open the same ".R" and ".Rmd" files when double-clicking on it in the Windows folder...

Thank you in advance.

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