RStudio 1.1 new features

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In this talk, Kevin will give a tour of the new features that became part of the v1.1 release of the RStudio IDE. The following features will be covered:

  • The Terminal tab, giving access to a shell directly within the IDE,
  • The Object Explorer, for inspecting deeply-nested R objects,
  • The modern theme, including a dark IDE theme to accompany the dark editor themes,
  • The Connections tab, for managing connections to external SQL data stores,
  • Improvements to Git integration, making it easier to manage git branches from within the IDE, alongside a small set of other miscellaneous features that made their way into the v1.1.

Kevin Ushey - Software Engineer, RStudio
Kevin is a software engineer at RStudio, and primarily works on the RStudio IDE. He is an active R user, a member of the Rcpp core team, and has contributed to a wide variety of packages in the R ecosystem. He is the maintainer of the ‘packrat‘ package, which allows users to manage their R package

Materials: RStudio v1.1 – What’s New