RStata with StataBE 17

Using the package RStata in R-Studio with StataBE 17 on Mac OS yields a issue with cutpoints, that has not been resolved.

Reference: Another "Error in[1] + 1, cutpoints[2] - 1) : 'from' must be a finite number" problem · Issue #28 · lbraglia/RStata · GitHub

# Load Packages 

# Set Path & Version
options("RStata.StataPath" = "/Applications/Stata/")
options("RStata.StataVersion" = 17.0)

# Test Generic Code
stata("di 2+2")
> stata("di 2+2")
Error in[1] + 1, cutpoints[2] - 1) : 
  'from' must be a finite number

Any ideas on how to resolve this?

What is the value of this argument?

When I put in cutpoints[1] into consoles I get the following:

> cutpoints[1]
Error in cutpoints[1] : object of type 'closure' is not subsettable

That means cutpoints is the name of some function, even when it may also be the name of some user-created object. A bare function (just the name without any arguments) is referred to in R as a closure, and those aren't objects that can be subset. So, find the offending variable and rename to Cutpoints, or cut_points or cutpoints_ or the_cuts, anything that does not conflict.

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