Rstan 2.21.3 (Ubuntu) vs. 2.26.2 (Compiled for Windows)

This is a question about the numbering of the current rstan package version. In the course of updating my packages this morning, I noted that the source version that I use in my Ubuntu desktop was updated to version 2.21.3, while on my Windows 10 desktop, the compiled version was not updated, remaining at version 2.26.2. This puzzled me. I assume that the numbering of the compiled Windows version reflects possible updates of compiled versions based on the same source version. (And possibly I should anticipate another update to the compiled version in a day or so to reflect the update of the source version). But this introduces an ambiguity of the package version in journal citations. Is this ambiguity intended?
Larry Hunsicker

I updated rstan using update.packages(), with the repo set to: Global (CDN) - RStudio
The actual current RStan version at CRAN is 2.21.3. So rstan is up-to-date on Ubuntu. On my windows machine, after updating rstan, RStudio now lists rstan as version 2.26.2. Also, when I run PackageDescription, I also get version 2.26.2.

[1] "2.26.2"

When I went to the Description file in the rstan folder in the Windows library, it has the lines:

Package: rstan
Type: Package
Title: R Interface to Stan
Version: 2.26.2

The corresponding Version statement in the Ubuntu R library reads 2.21.3

That's what I am asking about. It may have been just a typo when someone created the Description file.

How did you install these packages? As far as I can tell, CRAN has Windows binaries for 2.21.2, and, as expected, source code for 2.21.3; but while there is a 2.26.x branch in development on Github, I don't see how you installed it.

And on my own Windows, the version available is 2.21.3 with compilation.

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