RSS - Automate an RSS search


I was looking around to find either a solution or a similar file I could analyze about that issue of mine.

I'm currently trying to automate my RSS reader function (code line down below) by using the "tidyfeed" function from tidyverse. As you can see below, mine work basically where I need to manually run the selected and once the "keyword" is added to the 'Values'.

For now, what I was aiming for is being able to make a textbox where :

  1. If the user write the corresponding word and matches one in the 'Values', it runs the script; otherwise it shows a custom message box (which I know how to do).

Is there any way to fulfill my goal? I'm not searching for a miracle, but if anyone would have some clue as to how to approach that problem, it would be amazing!

Thanks in advance.

FILENAME <- tidyfeed(
  clean_tags = TRUE,
  parse_dates = TRUE,

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