RSPM Binaries - Missing archived binaries

Hi everyone,

Have archived binaries been removed from RSPM? Still on Nov 15th 2022, archived packages were installed as binaries. Repo url I use: (

Example package url: (

On Nov 15th, binary of size 2.5Mb was downloaded and installed. Today (Nov 18th) with the very same url, 5Mb source package is downloaded and installed.

So my question is, were archived binaries replaced by source packages? Thanks a lot!

To help us more accurately reproduce the issue, can you share your exact R version? Thanks!


Sure. Tested both R 4.1.3 and 4.0.5, both using 20.04.2 LTS (Focal Fossa)
EDIT: I am suspecting that maybe it has something to do with renv, but don't know for sure.
renv::install("data.table") installs binary. However
renv::install("data.table@1.14.2") is looking for source packages

* Querying repositories for available source packages ... Done! Retrieving '' ... OK [file is up to date] Installing data.table [1.14.2] ... OK [built from source]

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Hey @daniel.piacek,

Thanks for reporting this, we've reproduced the problem you're seeing.

We've added this as an incident to our status page and will post updates there, but you should expect to see the old behaviour in the near future,

Sorry for the inconvenience here,


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I am glad to hear that! Thanks.